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Very easy operated calculator for efficient hours / minutes time calculations. Fully fitted for working times computation.
Picture of the computer such as it could be on your screen

hours and minutes calculator


  • the calculator is operating in hours and minutes or decimals : addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • add, subtract, divide or multiply hours and minutes
  • hours and minutes mode: to multiply or divide enter first hours and minutes.
  • automatic decimal conversion of entered / computed hours minutes. (see upper right corner on the picture)
  • when entering hours / minutes, separate minutes from hours with h or dot.
  • enter data with mouse or directly with keyboard
  • all calculated steps are listed on the right side: one can take a result by double-click on the line.
    You can enter comments in the lis with the button : insérer un titre
  • ´escape´ will reset the current operation to zero
  • ´C´ will clear all to zero including memory
  • with 3.00 and 4.00 version , you can now print the list of your calculations.

=> Documentation en ligne (french)

Bought licence ==> direct access to the calculator
Free trial licence ==> two steps for access: ask for key then trial licence acceptation

To download the calculator:  (Version 4.01 2012 : 2,5 Mo)

For install

  • copy and execute or directly execute orpcalc.exe
  • choose SETUP option
  • click on start button and select all programs and then click on Calculette Orplan (Orpcalc)
limitations: the trial licence let you start the calculator 10 times => buy your licence:

US$ payments:

Buy on line $41.75

And obtain a registration key immediatly 

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Euros payments:

Buy on line 29,94 € (VAT 4.99)

And obtain a registration key immediatly 

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NB: after payment do not forget to continue to get your key
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